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Bacopa, Bacopa monniera
Parts used: Herb and roots.
Constituents: steroidal saponins, hersaponin, flavonoids, phytosterols.
Actions: Nervine, Sedative, Brain Tonic, Diuretic, Cardiotonic, Aperient, Vasoconstrictor.
Anxiety, epilepsy, neurasthenia, insanity, nervous breakdown.
Emotional stress, mental exhaustion, ADD, IBS.
Forgetfulness, nervous injury due to stroke, MS, Alzheimer`s disease.
Water retention.
Asthma, bronchitis, cough, hoarseness.
A paste made from the leaves is used in rheumatic joint pain; a poultice of the entire boiled plant is applied to the chest in bronchitis and chronic cough.
Herbal extract: 35-90mL per week.
Dosage: powder two tsp twice a day with warm water/milk.
Energetics: Warm, bitter, pungent. Dosha: VK- P+.
Caution: if taken with NSAIDs.