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Chaparral, Larrea divaricata
Parts used: Leaves.
Constituents: Lignins, essential oil, flavonoids; quercitin, resin, free sterols.
Actions: Antibacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-tumour, Antipyretic, Vulnerary, Detoxicant, Lymphatic, Antioxidant, Hepatoprotective, Bitter tonic.
Infections, incl. herpes, dermatitis, scabies, acne, boils, candidiasis, athlete`s foot, thrush, food allergies/poisoning.
Dry and suppurative eczema, incontinence, kidney stones +warm herb.
Urinary tract infection with dripping, irritated urination, dysuria, rheumatism, arthritis, uterine prolapse. Tumours esp. skin, stomach, liver, kidney.
Remittent fevers.
Skin rashes (allergic or otherwise), wounds, burns, tumours, neuralgia, sciatica, haemorrhoids, bruises, ulcers, sores, tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis.
Toxicosis, Fibromyalgia, fibroids.
Liver function, Liver congestion, hepatitis.
Epigastric distension, indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation. Similar to Baikal skullcap.
Herbal extract: 10-25mL per week.
Energetics: very bitter, pungent, salty, drying, astringent, Cold.
Meridians: liver, kidney, bladder.
Contraindications: History of liver damage, not more than three weeks.