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Cornsilk, Zea mays
Parts used: Cornsilk.
Constituents: Flavonoids, Chlorogenic acid, Volatile oils, Alkaloids, Phytosterols, Saponins, Mucilage, PABA, Tannins. Vitamins: K, B, C. Minerals: Silicon, Potassium.
Actions: Diuretic, Demulcent, Tonic, Antiseptic, Stimulant, Choleretic, Nutritive, Alterative, Anodyne.
Dysuria, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, nocturnal enuresis Any kind of bladder infection.
Urinary tract and mucous membranes.
Any acute or chronic inflammation of the urinary tract.
Hepato-biliary disease and edema of any origin.
Use fresh: Poultice for ulcers, swellings, rheumatic pain and to draw pus from boils and infected wounds.
Herbal extract: 15-50mL per week.
Energetics: Cool/moist, sweet, astringent, pungent, drying.
Meridians: kidney, gallbladder, bladder.
Contraindications: None.