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Honeysuckle, Lonicerae japonicae
Parts used: Flowers.
Constituents: Saponins, elaidic-acid, inositol, linoleic-acid, lonicerin, luteolin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, tannin, and zinc.
Actions: Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotic, Alterative, Antipyretic, Antispasmodic, Depurative, Anti-microbial, Hypoglycaemic.
Fevers, the common cold, sore throat, and influenza.
Acute rheumatoid arthritis, mumps and hepatitis.
Infections and inflammations, lymphatic congestion.
Purify blood for infections and toxic material.
Herbal extract: 40-90mL per week.
Energetics: Cold, sweet, attributive to lungs, heart, spleen and stomach.
Contraindications: This herb should not be used by those with weakness in the spleen/stomach system when there is cold or diarrhoea.