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Ipecacuanha, Psychotria Ipecacuanha
Parts used: Root.
Constituents: Alkaloids, saponin- like glucoside, bitter glucoside, choline, resin, pectin, volatile oil.
Actions: Emetic in smaller doses, diaphoretic and expectorant, and in still smaller, stimulating to the stomach, intestines and liver, exciting appetite and facilitating digestion.
The dose of the powdered root is 1/4 to 2 grains when an expectorant for bronchitis and laryngitis.
Herbal extract: 5-15mL per week.
Caution: When applied to the skin, Ipecacuanha powder acts as a powerful irritant, even to the extent of causing postulations. When inhaled, it causes sneezing and a mild inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane.
Toxic doses cause gastro-enteritis, cardiac failure, dilation of the blood vessels, severe bronchitis and pulmonary inflammation.
Dosages: Powdered root, 5 to 15 grains From 15 to 30 grains when given as an emetic.