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Life Root, Senecio aureus
Parts used: Dried herb, never use the fresh plant.
Constituents: Pyrrolizidine alkaloids, Eremophilane sesquiterpenes, bitters, tannin.
Actions: Uterine Tonic, Diuretic, Expectorant, Anti-inflammatory, Emmenagogue, Diaphoretic, Febrifuge, Pectoral.
Menopausal disturbances of any kind, hot flushes, delayed or suppressed menstruation, leucorrhoea (douche), dysuria, congested dysmenorrhoea, metrorrhagia.
Congestion and catarrhal disorders.
Debilitated states, tuberculosis.
Prostate hyperplasia, urinary irritation.
Infertility, frigidity, promotes labour, postpartum pain, menorrhagia.
Capillary haemorrhage, hematuria, albuminuria.
Gonorrhoea, gleet, prostatorrhoea.
Uterine or vaginal prolapse, impotency.
Herbal extract: 30-60mL per week.
Energetics: Cool, bitter, astringent, dry.
Meridians: kidney, bladder.
Combinations: For menopausal problems + St Johns wort, Oats or Pasque flower.
Caution: Pregnancy.