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Marshmallow, Althea officinalis
Parts used: Root.
Constituents: Root; Mucilage, Tannins, Volatile oil, Pectin, Asparagine.
Leaves; Mucilage, Flavonoids, Coumarins, Polyphenolic acids.
Actions: Demulcent, Vulnerary, Emollient, Expectorant, Diuretic, Antilithic, Ovarian tonic.
GI tract, peptic ulcers, IBD, IBS, gastritis, diarrhoea, constipation.
Inflamed skin. Topically to sores, wounds, boils, ulcers. Mix with slippery elm for drawing abscesses.
Acts by reflex action on the respiratory and urinary tract, the other mucous membranes.
Sore throats, dry coughs, bronchitis, whooping cough.
Cystitis, urethritis, urinary tract infection.
Gall bladder and kidney stones.
Ovarian cysts.
Herbal extract: 20-40mL per week.
Energetics: Cool, moist, sweet.
Meridians: lung, stomach, large intestine, bladder.
Contraindications: None.