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Pasque Flower, Anemone pulsatilla
Parts used: Herb.
Constituents: Lactinic glycoside, triterpenoid saponins, tannins, anemone camphor, resin, volatile oil, flavonoids.
Actions: sedative, analgesic, central nervous system depressant, nervine, alterative, spasmolytic, bactericidal, female tonic, anti-inflammatory (reproductive system).
dysmenorrhoea with scanty menses, orchitis, prostatitis, ovaralgia, epididymitis, tension headache, hyperactive states, insomnia, boils, skin eruptions associated with bacterial infection, neuralgia, headache and nervous exhaustion, particularly pre-menstrually or during the menopause, menstrual cramps, especially when accompanied by anxiety. Iritis, scleritis, diseases of the retina, cataract and glaucoma. The tincture is also prescribed for earache Externally, pulsatilla is used to treat skin infections, particularly boils.
Herbal extract 1:2, 3-10mL per week.
Energetics: pungent, bitter, dry, neutral.
Meridians: liver, spleen, heart, lung, large intestine.
Caution: Pregnancy and lactation, the fresh plant is poisonous and should not be used Excessive doses can cause violent gastritis.