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Rhubarb, Rheum palmatum
Parts used: Root and rhizome.
Constituents: Anthraquinones (3-5%), mostly as glycosides, plant phenolics and tannins. The laxative activity is mainly due to the sennoside content.
Actions: Laxative, Haemostatic, Antipyretic, Antibacterial, Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-uraemic.
Constipation, enteritis, dysentery, gastrointestinal haemorrhage, invigorates blood, breaks up congealed blood.
Fevers. Amenorrhoea due to blood stasis.
Acute hepatitis and pancreatitis, early stages of chronic renal failure in conjunction with other agents.
Hyperlipidemia in conjunction with other treatments.
May be useful in acute cholecystitis and cancer.
Herbal extract: 10-30mL per week.
Energetics: Bitter and cold.
Contraindications: Pregnancy.