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Schisandra, Schisandra chinensis
Parts used: Fruit.
Constituents: Lignans, Essential oil, acids.
Actions: Tonic, Hepatoprotective, Nervine, Expectorant, Adaptogen, Antitussive, Antioxidant.
To the kidneys. Chronic gastritis.
Hepatitis, liver support, regenerates liver tissue, alcohol abuse.
Specific for high levels of SGPT in hepatitis C.
Exhaustion, fatigue, stress, low libido, Parkinson`s +passionflower.
Coughs, common cold, sore throat.
Insomnia, thirst, night sweats, good for memory, improves vision.
Vaginal secretions.
Chemo and radiation therapy support +Cat`s claw, Thuja, Panax, Astragalus.
Herbal extract: 30-60mL per week.
Energetics: Sour, warm, salty.
Contraindications: Pregnancy, induces labour.