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Sweet Violet, Viola odorata
Parts used: Leaves and flowers.
Constituents: Saponins, Methyl salicylate, Alkaloids, Essential oil, Flavonoids.
Vitamins A, C.
Actions: Anti-inflammatory, Expectorant, Anti-tumour, Anti-neoplasic, Diuretic.
Inflammation of mouth and throat, ulcers.
Bronchitis, pulmonary congestion, chronic nasopharyngeal catarrh.
dry coughs.
Skin cancer +red clover, use violet cream Rikst.
Protects against metastases of breast, GI tract, use following tumour extirpation.
Rheumatism. Migraines.
Topically; eczema, impetigo, psoriasis, scabies, acne, freckles.
Herbal extract: 30-60mL per week.
Energetics: Neutral, moist.
Contraindications: None.