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Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana
Parts used: Bark, twigs and the leaves.
Constituents: Tannins, Flavonoids, volatile oil.
Actions: Astringent, Anti-haemorrhagic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-inflammatory.
Bleeding and lax vessels, varicose veins, diarrhoea, mucous colitis, gastritis, haematemesis. Nose bleeds insert on soaked cotton wool.
Bruises, wounds, sprains, burns, bleeding, nasal catarrh, ulcers, sore throat, eczema, burns leukorrhoea.
Reduces bowel activity.
Externally: Bruises, sprains, ulcers, wounds, bleeding and infected gums, sore throats, leukorrhoea, nasal catarrh, sty`s, eczema.
Herbal extract: 20-40mL per week.
Energetics: Drying, cooling, astringent.
Meridians: spleen, liver.
Contraindications: Caution required with the internal use of this herb due to the hydrolysable tannin content and its possible association with liver damage.